We gather.

In Luke 24, we find the story of risen Jesus meeting some people while on a long walk. They don't recognize Him by appearance. As they converse, Jesus explains the entire context of Scripture leading up to recent events. They're amazed but still don't recognize Him. The day grows late so they find lodging and the dinner table. Jesus gives thanks, breaks the bread, and shares it with them. Their eyes are immediately opened and they see Him for who He is!

Around the table, through thanksgiving and sharing, we find Jesus. He is where we're gathered. 

L24 Collective is a family at the table and we've saved a seat for you.

We go.

The Luke 24 account goes on to say that they got up and told what had happened. As they spoke, Jesus revealed Himself again bringing peace and opened their minds to understand. This series of events was the precursor to the unstoppable community we see in the book of Acts.  

Our gathering must always result in going. Once we've experienced Jesus' transformational acceptance, we can't keep it to ourselves. 

We've been invited into a family that lives and works for a purpose higher than its own survival.