About L24 Bethlehem

This is the community that went first—blazing the trails and clearing the spiderwebs.

Founded in July 2016, the church in Bethlehem’s also lovingly referred to as the “beautiful experiment.” L24 Bethlehem was planted with the understanding that her purpose always transcended her own “survival.” As much as the mission is about loving God, each other, and our neighbors, it’s also been about loving the Church by forging a path that other local church communities could walk on. L24 Bethlehem is a community of pioneers.

As epic as all the above may sound, when you gather with us around the table, in someone’s family room, or in one of our worship circles, you’re going to find something quite simple—so simple that you may even miss how profound it is! We don’t exist to “Wow” you or “meet all your needs.” We’re just a family with a desire to know Christ, to love one another, and to bring peace to our neighbors. You’re welcomed to our table without pretense or expectation.

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