How It Works

How does a relationally-centered faith community work? Is it really possible to leave the weekend grind behind? What could church as a "family on mission" look like? This series suggests there is a way!


Spaces - How It Works (Part 1)

Many of us have attempted to impact culture with methods that just don't translate to the way humans actually interact. A thriving spiritual family can't be cultivated through impersonal experiences. It has to start somewhere else.  

Our "Spaces" concept is built on 4 natural levels of relationship—each necessary for becoming an effective "family on mission."

Rhythms - How It Works (Part 2)

"A relationally-centered church, with room for intimate, personal, social, and public expressions, sounds great! But how does it fit into the very real/normal life I live?" If church-activities consuming every free moment of your time doesn't sound like "good news," you're not alone!

"Rhythms" shows how each "Space" moves in a realistic and predictable pattern that promotes consistency, depth, and health.

Movement - How It Works (Part 3)

"What happens when everyone doesn't fit around one table anymore?" 

"How can the pastor keep up with so many relationships?"

"What happens if you grow? Does the L24 approach scale well?" 

We think so! "Movement" lets you take a look for yourself.

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