HEAR: A Journey Through Ephesians


Remember The Office episode where Michael drives into a lake because the GPS told him to? “The machine knows where it’s going, Dwight!” Splash! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, fix that by watching Episode 2 of Season 4 ASAP!)

This season of House Groups, we’re going to shut the GPS down (the mindless done-for-you stuff) and pull out a trusty compass and atlas. We’re going "old school”—learning to navigate with the tools every great explorer has understood well.

For us, those tools will be:

  • A Bible

  • A Reading Plan

  • Your Journal

  • Holy Spirit’s guidance

  • Your group’s insights

What We’re Doing

Each House Group week, our whole church will be reading through the same chapter of Ephesians, using the reading plan below, working our way through the whole book over 6 progressive sessions. 

When you gather together, read through the whole chapter again and use the notes you’ve taken (the things that caught your attention or left you with questions) as the basis of your discussion. 

Each week, we’ll send out a video of someone in our community sharing their own reflections on what they’ve found in that week’s reading. The goal here isn’t to provide in-depth teaching through Ephesians so much as to encourage others in their own discovery.

What We’re Reading

Why are we reading Ephesians? Simply put, Ephesians deals with topics at the core of what it means to be a follower of Christ, moving from solid theology in the first 3 chapters to practical living in the last 3 chapters. And this progression is no accident! As the truths in the first half are applied, the practices in the second half are made possible.

As Paul wrote this letter from prison, nearing the end of his life, his desire was to see the Body of Christ built up into maturity. This letter went on to become widely circulated among the early church—a roadmap for the communities that would carry Jesus’ and the Apostles’ legacy forward.

What’s Next

There’s no curriculum. No study guides. Just you, your group, and a guide through Scripture. It’s up to you what you make of it. But I do suspect that something beautiful and new will come from this—that profound thoughts, deep discussions, and Holy Spirit inspired application (the real, living, breathing kind) will run rampant under your roof and inspire you (plural) to move beyond it together—from the “gathering” to the “going.” 

Learn about the H.E.A.R. Journaling Method.

Follow the READING plan through ephesians.