The L24 Collective Winter Dinner


The Gathering

On a late Winter evening, with anticipation of the soon-to-come Spring filling the air, we'll experience the pleasure of each other's company in the heart of our city's Historic District. The table will be filled with elevated plates of British Isle fame, pairings of traditional Irish brews, and selections of loose leaf teas to warm your bones.

The Purpose

The table represents a place of peace where pretense can be peeled away — where we can truly discover each other. As a movement that some would call "church," we believe something divine occurs in moments like these.

The Investment

This is not a fundraising event for L24 Collective. Tickets cover the hospitality provided by our friends at McCarthy's Red Stag Pub.

CLICK HERE to reserve your seats.

The Menu

Starter - Potato Leek Soup

Entree - Cottage Pie | Bangers & Mash

Sides - Buttered Peas | Irish Brown Bread

Dessert - Shortbread Cookies | Guinness Chocolate Brownies 

Draft Pairings - Guinness Stout, Guinness IPA, Guinness Blonde, & Harp Lager

NA Beverages - Loose Leaf Teas | Sundries