• The L24 House (map)
  • 3145 Altonah Road
  • Bethlehem, PA, 18017
  • United States

Purpose | Unity + Discovery

Reunion is a once-a-month celebration with the whole extended family, bringing our House Groups together under one roof for worship, teaching and testimony. As a true multi-generational church, every age-group is honored and engaged in these gatherings. 

Format | Worship + Teaching + Testimony

Although we don’t center around this larger public space, we recognize it serves a unique and necessary purpose. Truth is uncovered through interactive teaching, hearts are softened through unhindered worship, and we remember we’re part of something much bigger than our own little circle as we hear true stories of what God has been doing throughout our extended community. 

Fall 2017 | The Location

We’ve decided to make a very deliberate move to "grow from the inside out.” This means we are going to give ourselves the time and space to grow patiently and relationally, not jumping into large venues filled with as many strangers as possible. Our focus continues to be on building a spiritual family of mission-shaped disciples that are in love with God and each other. For this reason, we will host Reunion at the L24 House every third Sunday of the month at 5:30 PM until our House Groups have multiplied to such an extent that we can’t reunite in the big farmhouse's family room any longer.