• Fox & Finch Studio (map)
  • 502 South Clewell Street
  • Fountain Hill, PA, 18015
  • United States

The L24 Collective Fall Dinner

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On a crisp Fall evening, we'll experience the pleasure of each other's company over tastings of locally crafted libations and a delicious full-course in one of our city's most eclectic tucked-away environments, Fox & Finch Studio.


The table represents a place of peace where pretense can be peeled away — where we can truly discover each other. As a movement that some would call "church," we believe something divine occurs in moments like these.


This is not a fundraising event for L24 Collective. Tickets cover the efforts of our local makers providing the food, drink, music, and aesthetics that are sure to make the evening a memorable one.


Dinner by 29 Cooks

Starter - Harvest Salad

Entrees - 7 Cheese Mac n Cheese | Brown Sugar Maple Chicken

Sides - Roasted Veggie Medley | Garlic Smashed Red Potatoes 

Libations by the Colony Meadery - Seasonal tastings

Dessert by Meyers Farm Bakery - Local handmade desserts made from organic ingredients

"Why do you host these 'elaborate' dinners?" We've heard the question more than once. Discover the purpose behind our seasonal dinners HERE.