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  • Coopersburg, PA, 18036
  • United States

Reunion | End of Summer Dinner

With big changes on the horizon for our community, (new House Group locations this Fall and Reunions moving into the Banana Factory in September), we wanted to gather the family around for a simple and special celebration in August. We'll share a meal and give thanks for all God's done in our community as we approach our "official" 1 year anniversary. 

Reunion FAQS

Q: Will there be childcare?
A: All age groups will be participating in this gathering. We try to make the whole experience interactive, honoring all generations in the room.

Q: What is Reunion?
A: It's really simple. We're a church that focuses on relationships. Reunion is our monthly gathering that brings L24 Groups back together to worship Jesus, hear teaching from Scripture, and share true stories of how God's working in our lives, groups and community. 

Q: Are only L24 Groups participants welcome?
A: No way! Reunion is a beautiful and inclusive expression. No matter who you are or where you're from, you're welcome to join in.