• The L24 House (map)
  • 3145 Altonah Road
  • Bethlehem, PA, 18017
  • United States

Purpose | Hear + Respond

Through Scripture study, relational loyalty, and honest questions, we learn to hear God's voice then do something about what we've heard. These groups are where spiritual partnerships are formed and practical equipping for life-on-mission is fostered. 

Format | Informal + Intimate

For a couple hours every second and fourth week of the month, a table-full of us will gather in homes around our city. We’ll share a meal then break into smaller groups in different rooms for ease of discussion. There will be facilitators and worth-following mentors in our groups, but you won't find any "talking heads.” This is an interactive exchange, not a monologue. Understanding that the Church is a "body" with many necessary parts, we believe we need more than what any one person/leader has to offer. We need each other! 

Spring 2018 | Preparation

This Spring, we are preparing to move into a couple new homes in new neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. PERSONAL - We think House Groups are in their finest form when the group's around 8-12 people. In a get-together this size, everyone has a chance to engage in the conversation through asking questions and sharing personal reflections.
  2. MISSIONAL - House Groups aren't just "Bible Studies." They're meant to be a "vehicle" for living out the mission of God together—bringing the ministry of reconciliation into the neighborhoods around us. 

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