• The Fox House (map)
  • 2798 Richlandtown Pike
  • Coopersburg, PA, 18036
  • United States

Family Brunch

A simple gathering at our friends the Foxes’. Bring some food to share. Bring a story to tell. Dress the kids warm for outdoor play in the big backyard. Don't worry about the clock on the wall. You can stay as long as you like.


How does the meal work?

Simple. Bring a dish to share and we'll make a feast of it. At each and every "Family Brunch," we've had a variety of baked goods, fresh fruit, and traditional breakfast dishes. There's never a shortage.

Who is this for?

Anyone. We're not a closed group or club. Bring your own friends or come make a few new ones. 

What's the event like?

Uncomplicated. We spend a lot of time eating and talking. When the timing's right, we gather all around the table, sing a song or two, take communion and listen to someone's story and some Scripture. If you have an encouraging thought for the rest of us, you can share that too.

Is there child care?

No. This is a familial environment where all are welcome to be a part of the full experience. Unlike "child care," where littles are kept out of sight/mind, our kids are encouraged to participate and engage in free play.

If you have a "famous" or favorite breakfast dish you'd like to contribute, please let us know by writing us a short message.