We call ourselves a "collective" for two simple reasons:

  1. It places an emphasis on people. "Collective" is defined as a "cooperative enterprise of people acting as a group." For us, this word encapsulates what the Church is. It's not a building or a non-profit entity. It is God's people operating as a spiritual family sent to change our world. 
  2. It highlights the importance of mutual ministry. Although we value biblical teaching, we don't think "One man has all the answers." Although we value the pastoral role in the church, we believe there are other gifts of equal importance. Just as the human body needs many parts to operate at its fullest, so does the Church (Christ's body) need each family member. 

The recognition of our need for each other and the ineffectiveness of isolation and individual elevation is central to who we are. We are a family joined by Divine purpose. We are a collective.

We're going to keep this post short and sweet. Stay close to our blog for more thoughts on the priesthood of all believers and spiritual gifts operating in the Church. (We happen to be strong proponents for practical applications of both!)

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