"So you're planting a church?"

The easy answer is "Sure." It isn't the main idea though. There are two things we're focusing on that just so happen to equal "church" as the byproduct. 

1. Plant the Gospel.

This equals "good news." So we ask ourselves, "What does 'good news' look like to the people and places God is sending us to?"  

Ministry is people. It's not a vocation, organization, or program schedule. We want to show and tell the message of Jesus in relatable ways that actually manifest as "good news" in real lives.

2. Make Disciples.

"If you make disciples, you will always get the church. But if you try to build the church, you will rarely get disciples." -Mike Breen

When we get this mixed up, we're left with little "kingdoms" full of talk but devoid of power. The organization might grow, (for a while), but people won't.

Jesus told us pretty plainly, "Go and make disciples...". He also said, "I will build My church." In other words, making disciples is our responsibility and building the church is His. 


...a community of people whose stories reflect the goodness of God and whose desire is to know Jesus, learn His ways, and do what He did. I'd want to be a part of that. Wouldn't you?