Why do we do the things we do? 

As a young and growing church, why is L24 Collective being so deliberate (and different) about certain things? Why don’t we have an every-Sunday service with all the traditional worship, teaching, and age-specific ministries running week-in week-out?

Well, if you’ve seen our “How It Works” videos (Part 1 - Spaces + Part 2 - Rhythms), then you know that we gather in different types of spaces (Public, Social, Personal, and Intimate) because people simply relate differently in each one. Why is this so important? Because when we go back to the root, the accurate definition of “Church” is a household or family, not a physical building or business-modeled institution. It is a community of people belonging to/with God, as children "belong” to their own Father. (Read more on defining “What is the church?” HERE.) In short, there is no “church” without intentional relationship, both with God and each other.

Imitation Is Key

As imitators of Jesus, we are asking ourselves, “How did Jesus live in relationship? What life patterns did He demonstrate that we can follow?” Breaking this down simply, we see Jesus lived a 3 dimensional life when it came to relationships — “Up” with his Father, “In” with his followers, and “Out” with the world around him. 

This short video from our L24 Core learning series unpacks this concept in a way that can help us live our own lives in the way of Jesus.


Note: An enormous thanks to Mike Breen's insight and influence! Mike has written extensively on the "3 Dimensions of Relationship" in his books and blog articles. You can see more of his work HERE.